Hi! I’m Ingonyama. My friends call me ‘Yama. I live in San Francisco, and I am a HUGE X-Men nerd.

Welcome to “Triple Nerd Score,” my little corner of the Web. Here, I’m going to indulge in unabashed geekery about my favorite things in the world. Mostly X-Men, though other things will crop up as I think of them.

Over the next few days (or whenever I recover from WonderCon), I’ll be writing blog entries about individual X-Men, starting with the organization as a whole: namely, my own spins on the question: “Who the hell are these people?” “What do they do?” “Why should we care?” Yes, I’m aware that most of my prospective readers have not been living under a rock and know who the hell these people are and what they do. But I’m a sharer, and opinionated as hell to boot, so I’m gonna be throwing my own spin on things. So hopefully that’ll go over well. ^_^

I welcome comments and feedback of almost any stripe, and welcome the use of my comments pages to engage in lengthy debates. I am well aware that my opinion is only one of MANY out there, and I invite everyone to make their voices heard here. So if I say something you disagree with, TELL ME ABOUT IT IN DETAIL! 🙂 Bear in mind, though, that there’s a fine line between criticism and flaming. I welcome one, but not the other.

Also: I am brand new to WordPress, so I’m figuring things out as I go. But hopefully with enough patience and effort, I, and anyone who wants to share their opinions, can turn this blog into something spiffy. 🙂

Wish me luck!