After Doctor Who, anyway.

Not to rub it into the hardcore Jesus-freaks’ faces that “LOL UR STIL STUK HEAR W/US SINRS U LOZRS HA-HA”, but to celebrate what should hopefully be a big step forward in religious tolerance.

Because I hope, I really do, that the people who were expecting to take the Express Elevator To Happyland will learn from what happened. It’s 2011; religions are more varied than ever. Just because you disagree with someone about whose God did what when (even…dare I say especially? if you don’t believe in a God at all), that doesn’t make you Automatically Right and them Automatically Wrong.

Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, pagan, atheist, agnostic, Breathairian, whatever you call yourself…no matter how superior you feel, on Sunday morning you’re still going to wake up (depending where you are, some of you already have) still having to share the same planet with the rest of us.

So please…let’s try to get along a little better in the future?