One of the things I want to accomplish with this blog is to discuss the various characters within the X-Men universe as well.  As soon as I’ve compiled the various eras of X-Men into comprehensive blog posts, I’ll be turning my attention to spotlights on the mutants themselves and my opinions of all of them.

While I welcome comments on each and every blog post I make, this above all things is where I strongly encourage participation from you, my readers! Every character in the history of the X-Men, from the big names like Cyclops and Wolverine all the way down to Dr. Cecilia Reyes and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, have their fair share of fans and detractors.  Everyone’s opinion is welcome, and I will strongly advocate discussion within the threads regarding the characters you love and hate. The only enemy here is apathy…as long as you can stay civil toward your fellow posters, I welcome every opinion of every character under the sun!
In fact, I think we’ll start with this very post. I want everyone to answer me three questions:

1) Who is/are your favorite mutants in the X-Men franchise?

2) Who is your LEAST favorite?

3) Why them?

Post as long or as short a comment as you like.

Remember, I welcome interaction and discussion from everyone! (Just stay civil, ‘kay? Thanks! ^_^)